Terrorist Threats

My name is David Jordan Caldwell. I am African-American, 6’5” 280 lbs. I am a senior in college looking forward to graduate school. I was raised in an upper-middle class household, the youngest child of a meteorologist and a cartographer who had the resources to give me a private school education. I was “raised right,”

Wealthy Ho$tage

In the world of fashion, where individualism had once reigned supreme there is a slow uprising of that same atmosphere brewing. And if you are anything like myself, you are ecstatic to have this once again unfold. Creatively inclined individuals coming together to develop visions of their very own. Bringing to life an array of

You need a job to get a job

President of the United States Barack Obama is to address the nation on Thursday September 8th and his

Interview with HDee of Riots and Roses

Fashion has a way of grasping a person’s mind and holding it hostage. Creating a whole universe around the greatness that is designed, sewn, put together and finally displayed for all the world to swoon over. Brands start-up with a vision, an identity because from the beginning they must know who they are and why they are creating. That individuality is what sets one brand apart from the next but sadly that doesn’t last very long for many. Their purpose fades and they soon become just another pile of clothing. I’ll tell you one thing though, among the few there is a brand that won’t be the one to lose their identity. They pride themselves too much on their originality and exclusivity which only makes a fashion heart like mine love them even more.

Don’t flatter yourself homie.

Confidence is a great thing to have. To be able to walk with your chest out and your

No More Heroes: Death Of A Secret Society

It was inevitable. As human beings, we have the desire to know everything. This quest for enlightenment is an integral part of our existence. With the world getting smaller and smaller by our lives being more open to each other through avenues such as social media and the internet as a whole…

…the concept of mystery is quickly becoming a lost art.

This Generation.

This generation’s fascination with the past is most apparent in the discussion of music. When the discussion of “real” Hip-Hop comes up, it is often associated with the sound of 90s New York Hip-Hop. Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas are the main examples used by so-called Hip-Hop heads when they discuss/debate that era. At the same time, Ready To Die and Illmatic dropped in 1994 and Reasonable Doubt in 1996, most of those same Hip-Hop heads were either not yet born or between the ages 4-6 when those albums released. You really expect me to believe your just got out of Pampers, still sleeps with a night-light and barely knows the alphabet ass was listening to “Dead Presidents II” in between naps ? Naaah homie.

“Made In NY” : The Streets

welcome to Made In NY. A hyper stylistic look into the NYC fashion culture/lifestyle

Born To Die

As artists we have a divine right to express ourselves creatively. Whether its to paint our souls onto a canvas then toss it in the trash or photograph moments of pure insanity then lock them away in a drawer. The point is we may not always show our work to the world but we will

Raven Sorvino “Like That”

Raven Sorvino has done it again with her new track “Like That” produced by Rubirosa. The track features a smooth tempo combined with the vibrant in your face lyrics from the Thot slapper herself. Pimp shxt. Listen as Raven lets us in on how she linked up with Rubirosa to give the fans the style

The “New Guys”

Prada bags, Versace shades, Givenchy shirts, Moschino belts, YSL shoes, Chanel scarves .. the works! Yet all of these labels mean nothing more than being simply “Expensive Stuff” to all the label whores and trend lovers alike, I understand your struggle. Forever working towards being at the top of “whats hot”, always digging to find what will be the next dope trend so you can be one of the first to flaunt it. I get it. We get it. They get it. But do you get it? Its a tough job but somebody has to do it…right?

Ahhh Zombies !

Lately it seems pop culture has been fascinated with the concept of the Walking Dead and the Zombie Apocalypse. I have noticed everything from video games,TV shows, to blockbuster movies running with the concept of lifeless flesh eating monsters taking over our society. I shiver at the thought of friends and family actually eating each other, but it makes you wonder ; where did all this originate from ?