We need more Kim K !

You found Kim K ? She’s in a mansion ? In the Phillipines ?! Yes we need more news about Kim Kardashian, I want to hear about every bowel movement & salon appointment. When she farts…tweet me the link to the Perez Hilton post. I need every notification,update,text message alert […]Read more »

Post Racial America

Racism doesn’t exist anymore because we have new blacks. New blacks living in an old white world. Whoops. Totally forgot we are living in “post Racial America”. There is no racism anymore. Police brutality against black people is normal,justified and completely acceptable. Iggy Azalea the grammy nominated “savior of hip […]Read more »

American Sniper : PTSD

Imagine being in an armed conflict where the enemy isn’t a uniformed military. Imagine having to make the judgement call that the child you are looking at through a scope is not a mere civilian trying to go to the market, he is armed and dangerous. War is a hell […]Read more »


Singapore was for the ballers. Hey the Economics Intelligence Unit has rated it the most expensive city. Yeah more expensive than Dubai…I didn’t even think it was possible dude. Was it fun though ? Very. Can I afford to live thereĀ ? Fck no. This place is Dubai on steroidsRead more »


I loved Japan. Man I want to go back ! Although the culture in Japan is way different than in the states, its pretty easy to get accustomed to. The people are polite which is a huge change of pace for me being that I am a native New Yorker. […]Read more »

Fck a Grammy.

When you think of the Grammy’s you think of the world’s best under one roof projecting their greatness onto us via a television broadcast. You think red carpets, fancy dresses, horrible dresses,paparazzi, a torrent of tweets circulating twitter & last but not least hurricane Kanye storming the stage protesting on […]Read more »