DMC Review : Demons x Capitalism

I’m a fan of the hack and slash genre.  Chaining and incessant amount of combos together whilst effortlessly dodging the Swords, whips and chains of enemies you know…on my Bruce Lee shxt. The game that popped my proverbial cherry was Devil May Cry 1 for PS2. Dante was a sword swinging, gun slinging bad ass in a red coat clearly taking inspiration from Trigun as well as the world’s famous “Dante’s Inferno”, a story of one man’s trip through hell. It became a hit in a major way and has had its highs such as the masterpiece that was Devil May Cry 3 and it’s low  namely the disaster we never mention : Devil May Cry 2. With its history of successful titles many fans of the series were a bit nervous when we heard Heavenly Sword’s developers Ninja Theory were taking over the DMC project. Trust me when I say that…this was the smartest decision Capcom could make. (more…)

Crysis 3 review

The Crysis series brought a lot to the table since its debut. It introduced to guerrilla styled combat that rivaled that of games of Farcry with graphics that required you to build damn near a super computer ! Beneath all the eye candy was a game that was truly revolutionary in combat and graphic wizardry and Crysis 3 doesn’t disappoint. (more…)

Halo 4 review

When Halo 4 was announced I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited about it. In a time where sequels are over done “more of the same” is what we’ve grown to expect from the game industry. This on top of the fact that bungie will no longer be the developer of the Halo franchise had me worried. I am pleased to say Halo 4 put those fears to rest. (more…)

Max Payne 3 review

Rockstar Games…they might as well be a movie studio because their games are all cinema quality. Seriously. Since Grand Theft Auto Rockstar has seamlessly blended the lines between Cinema and Game’s and Max Payne is no different. (more…)

The NJ Rejects: Fight Night bi-weekly tournament series

First and foremost, I’d like to say thanks to everyone that came out to the event last Saturday. We had a decent turnout for Skullgirls and Super Street Fighter IV, with a solid 20+ for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The staff did a great job running the tournament with our limited amount of setups, as well as pleasing the players with 3/5 games per match. Hopefully for the next event we can have more setups to allow things to run even smoother, since we will most likely have more entrants. For my first tournament stream, I did my best but I have a ton of awesome ideas planned for future spectators that I’ll discuss upon finalization.


Free to Play: Happy Wars (XBLA)

When people think free console games, they usually visualize a game with little detail, simple gameplay, and not much replay value once you complete it. Toylogic Inc. created something not only vividly detailed but refreshing, and pretty entertaining, with Happy Wars. It’s an evolving multi-player action game that has you battle it out in 15 vs. 15 player, over-the-top, battles using 3 types of characters. The controls are simple, there’s also a tutorial for the more complex aspects, so anyone can jump right into the game and get playing. (more…)

Will Skullgirls revolutionize fighting games forever ?

With the release of Skullgirls right around the corner (April 10 on PlayStation Network and April 11 on Xbox Live Arcade) , I decided to put together a first look on this game that many people are confused about. Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game, similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and the BlazBlue series, led by Mike Zaimont and Alex Ahad. It’s developed by the Reverge Labs team, as well as being published by Autumn Games and Konami. (more…)

Unreal Engine 3 : The future of video game graphics

The good folks behind Unreal Tournament & Gears of War 3 recently have showcased their latest update to the Unreal Engine. Between the Unreal Engine and the Crysis engine the line between film and video games is becoming non existent. Developers now have the tool sets to create beautiful/cinematic scenes that look like something straight out of a blockbuster movie. Sit back and watch this trailer and I think you’ll see what I mean….

The Return of Retro Gaming

Sometimes as I pick up my Xbox controller I think to myself “God I miss the 90’s”. I miss the crack heads running around NY screaming and itching with joy but most of all I missed how games were. Remember how it felt to go by a friends house and play NES till your eyes bled ? Games sure weren’t as complicated as they are today, and best of all they were fun. Lately we are seeing the return of retro titles & new franchises that play homage to the times of Bazooka bubble gum & saturday morning cartoons. From Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to Bionic Commando : Rearmed we are seeing the return of the 16 bit era (with an HD twist). (more…)