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Crysis 3 review

The Crysis series brought a lot to the table since its debut. It introduced to guerrilla styled combat that rivaled that of games of Farcry with graphics that required you to build damn near a super computer ! Beneath all the eye candy was a game that was truly revolutionary […]Read more »

Halo 4 review

When Halo 4 was announced I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited about it. In a time where sequels are over done “more of the same” is what we’ve grown to expect from the game industry. This on top of the fact that bungie will no longer be the developer of […]Read more »

Max Payne 3 review

Rockstar Games…they might as well be a movie studio because their games are all cinema quality. Seriously. Since Grand Theft Auto Rockstar has seamlessly blended the lines between Cinema and Game’s and Max Payne is no different.Read more »

Halo Reach Review

If your familiar with the Halo franchise you probably were one of the many who were at the edge of their seat when the 1st trailer for Halo Reach dropped. Yes folks the new Halo more than fulfills the expectations of the fans and those new to the franchise.Read more »