Scorpio Philosophy: “I desire”.

Element : Water

Quality : Fixed

Scorpios are everything like a scorpion. They tend to “nest” with only a certain group of people they call friends. Those who violate those in a Scorpios nest or the Scorpio native itself feels the poison of the scorpions sting. Scorpios tend to reciprocate feelings of love with affection and undesirable feelings with the sole purpose of hurting their victim. They often play the predator role and you definitely dont want to be the prey !

(October 24th to November 22nd) The eighth signof the zodiac. Ruled by Mars and related to the element water. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and the redemption of man is in the sexual organs. The natives of Scorpio possess tremendous magical powers (aka the power of will). The natives of Scorpio areirritable, rancorous, and vindictive. However,by dominating anger, vengeance, and rancor,the natives of Scorpio can transform themselves into powerful and wonderful White Magicians. Scorpios are either completely chaste or complete fornicators. The natives of Scorpio have tremendous will.

Positive Trait

Passionate, secretive, powerful,keenly perceptive,deep,complex,analytical,inquisitive,resourceful,magnetic,intense,hypnotic,sexual(oooooh you like ! Freak.),keen mental perception and understanding, creative,vigorous, untameable, ambitious.

Negative Trait

Can be jealous, controlling, possessive,arrogant, VERY VINDICTIVE if you get on their bad side, secretive (thats a good and a bad thing), tends to lie without much of a reason to do so