Over the years the word “blog” has lost its original meaning and gained a bunch of new ways to define it in the process. Blog short for “biographical log” is no longer synonymous with “that emo kid from class we worry about because of those pseudo suicidal attention seeking posts on his website”. There are fashion blogs,music blogs (can’t live without em) and celebrity gossip blogs (definitely could live without em). We are not a blog, we are an online editorial…but there is no other word I can find to describe this clusterfuck (real word btw) of curated content in this section. Today you may find a cool new song from the Weeknd’s soundcloud and tomorrow idk I may post an episode of the Power Rangers. It really depends on my mood. Im moody. I am a moody person. Regardless of which, anything that’s gets posted into this black hole of randomness, will be and must be cool. We even went through great lengths to break down each post into little subcategories so you can navigate the madness with zen and peace of mind. Namaste.